Laura Morrissey Counselling provides counselling that is built upon a belief that therapeutic intervention should be responsive and empathic. Laura works with teenagers, adults and families, in a way that builds resilience and improves relationships. Laura specialises in Attachment, Trauma &/or Adoption. Laura’s service aims to provide responsive intervention, advice...

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I really must take care of myself….

I have always been told, in a somewhat patronising manner, that I need to take care of myself. I am a parent of a young man who is now 15 who we adopted at the age of 2 1/2. Everyone believes that this is young and therefore how traumatised can...

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Unique Retreat!

Restore, reflect & recharge for Parents/Carers of young people affected by Attachment, Trauma &/or Adoption. Contact me for up coming retreat!

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Free Resources

Attachment theory tips for managing attachment issues. How neuroscience should inform educators.

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Loving Eric

A personal story about Adoption, Attachment, Autism & ADHD. Available from Amazon

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